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Piece of green on Schoolstraat 16 in The Hague

A place where everyone is welcome in the heart of The Hague for all your tattoos and piercings. That was the goal, and it was achieved in April 2018.

After founding and running another shop, Linda Berserik felt it was time to grow further. She decided to combine her love of plants with her love of tattoos and piercings. Approachable, fresh and light was the goal. Everything that at the time other shops were not. And it certainly did!

Whereas outside the door on the Grote Markt is bustling, at The Tattoo Garden there is an atmosphere best described as an oasis of creativity and good vibes. A diverse team of resident artists and guest artists from around the world are ready to bring your idea to life.

With her 17 years of experience, Linda Berserik herself is an experienced piercer who has had the privilege of adorning an unimaginable number of people in recent years. Consequently, with her knowledge and ability, she has created a sizable Instagram fan base under the name @PiercingsbyLin.

And that entrepreneurship is alive and well at The Tattoo Garden is certain. In the midst of the pandemic, the decision was made to open an additional branch. To date, The Tattoo Garden consists of 13 fantastic permanent artists, several piercers and a diverse team of managers to keep everything running smoothly. In addition to tattooing and piercing, you can also come to us for the most beautiful jewelry, coolest clothing and unique works of art.

We look forward to the future and welcome you to one of our shops on School Street 16 & 17.


The Tattoo Garden