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Frequently Asked Questions

We regularly hear the same questions coming back.
Below you will find some of these questions answered.

Why do I need to pay a deposit?

We ask for a deposit to confirm your appointment. Depending on the appointment, this is €50 or €100. This amount will be deducted from the total amount at checkout. We do this to protect our artists’ time. Thus, should you not show up, this way the time is compensated because, after all, this spot is often impossible to fill. You can cancel or reschedule up to 72 hours before the start of your appointment with your deposit retained.

Can more than one person get a tattoo or piercing at the same time?

In principle, this is possible, but it also depends on the design. We maintain a maximum of 3 people per artist. If you want to come with more than one person we will -if possible- divide it among different artists or spread it over different days. However, we do like to receive your request in 1 appointment form. This keeps all correspondence together and makes it easier for the artist to prepare. For piercings, we do not have a maximum number of people, but not all piercings are set by all our piercers. So it sometimes requires a little flexibility in your availability.

Why do you guys advise against finger/hand tattoos? And does this also apply to feet and toes?

We do not recommend tattoos on fingers and hands because tattoos on these areas fade faster and often do not heal nicely. Therefore, tattoos in these places are outside our free updating policy. Your hands see more sun and are very much in motion. Especially on the sides/inside of the fingers and hands we see this. The side of your foot and toes is another place where your tattoo will fade quickly or the ink will not pick up well. This doesn’t mean we don’t do or like these tattoos, just that we ask you to think carefully about them.

I want a tattoo with only white ink. Is this possible?

We do not do tattoos with only white ink. The tattoo will also not stay white, but will turn more yellow after a while. We also often see that all-white tattoos fade almost completely. We do, of course, use white ink for detailing.

What does it mean when an artist's bookings are closed?

When an artist’s bookings are closed it means that we are currently unable to make new appointments in that artist’s calendar. Therefore, should you still make a request, we cannot process it. So you will have to reapply when the bookings open. When bookings reopen, you can make a request through the appointment form. This does not mean that your tattoo will automatically be set as well. This depends on the number of applications and the projects the artist wants to focus on. When an artist’s bookings open, we always announce on our Instagram channel. We encourage you to apply immediately at that time, because of the many applications, bookings often close quickly. Of course, we can look for another suitable artist for your project, should you not want to wait or if you fail to secure an appointment.

I have an appointment with an apprentice, what does this involve?

An apprentice is an apprentice tattoo artist. When you can make an appointment with an artist who is an apprentice with us, without having approached the artist himself, it means that the artist has been tattooing for a long time, but has recently been allowed to tattoo clients independently. By then, the apprentice has undergone quite a process under the supervision of other experienced artists. From practicing on fake skin and oranges, to putting tattoos on acquaintances to now certain projects with clients. From then on, it still takes a long time before an artist is no longer an apprentice, for this there are still many hours to be made and several artists must adequately find all aspects of tattooing. So an apprentice is a tattoo artist with less experience.

If you have been helped by a guest artist, the guest artist can touch up the tattoo at no charge on his next visit to us. If you are helped by another regular artist with us there will be a charge,

Can I become an apprentice with you?

We get a lot of requests for a spot as an apprentice. Training an apprentice takes a lot of dedication from the shop and our other artists, but the greatest dedication lies with the apprentice himself. Drawing and tattooing really have to be your ultimate passion if the lengthy process is to be sustained. Because in addition to learning how to tattoo, an apprentice also helps a lot in the shop to learn all aspects well. This is why we often train only 1 apprentice at a time. Do you think you fit the profile, possess the talent and have already made strides yourself? You may always send your portfolio to us at

How expensive is a sleeve?

This is difficult to determine in advance. Large projects such as sleeves, backpieces and, for example, legpieces take a lot of time. Also, amount of time required depends on the style. You can take a look at our prices though, and of course you can talk to the artist about this at your appointment when you go over the design together.

What is your hourly rate?

The hourly rate varies by artist, but is generally €175 per hour. This is used as the price for large pieces, also called session work. A separate price will be made for smaller tattoos.

How long should I not swim or exercise with a new tattoo or piercing?

You can’t swim with a tattoo for 2 weeks and no sun or tanning for 5 weeks.

Piercing you may not swim for 6 weeks but you may go in the sun or under the tanning bed with it.

How old do you have to be to get a tattoo or piercing?

We tattoo people as young as 18 years old. Under 18, you need permission from a parent or legal guardian and they must also come with you to your appointment. In addition, we do not tattoo under the age of 18 in highly visible areas such as fingers, face, side and front of neck. Piercing we do from 16 years old, intimate piercings from 18 years old.

Can I pay in installments?

No, this is not possible with us. With session work you do pay per session, so you don’t pay for your entire tattoo at once.

Is a new piece of jewelry included in the change of piercing?

A new piece of jewelry is not included, but the change is. So you can buy a new piece of jewelry if you want and have it changed with us. We have a large selection of jewelry, but you can also bring your own new piercing.

What do you do with my data on the website?

Your information will not be shared with third parties and will only be used to ship your purchase to your address.

Do you give money back if I am not satisfied?

We cannot give money back if you are not satisfied, but of course we would like to hear from you. You can email us at and we will do everything we can to come to a solution together.

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes, you may bring 1 person. We can understand if you like this as an additional opinion regarding placement or design. This person is only not allowed to enter the tattoo or piercing area and will have to wait in the waiting area.

I think my tattoo or piercing is inflamed, now what?

If you feel that your tattoo or piercing is inflamed please send us an email with pictures. Of course, you can also walk in or call us. If you are very concerned, always contact your doctor.

Have you been approved by the GGD?

All our shops are approved by the GGD and the GGD rules are followed.

What corona measures are you using?

At this time, we ask that you come to the appointment alone unless you are a minor and a parent or legal guardian must accompany you. Should you still find this too exciting you may bring someone with you, but they may not enter the tattoo or piercing area with you. This should never be, even without the pandemic. However, the person may wait in the waiting area as long as the 1.5-meter distance can be maintained. Should this no longer be the case due to crowding, we ask that person to wait outside on a bench.
We offer coffee, tea, water or lemonade in disposable cups. You may bring your own food.

Wearing a mouth mask is mandatory. If you are not feeling well or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for corona we ask that you reschedule your appointment, the deposit you have made will be moved with you to your new appointment.

I did not receive a confirmation

Didn’t receive an email? Then check your spam. With hotmail and live addresses, mails sometimes end up in the spam.