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short-term appointment possible without waiting list

wide range


*No rights can be derived from these prices. All prices are estimates and are for indicative purposes only. We can give the actual price after discussing the design at the appointment itself.



Starting rate



Designs of 5-10cm



Designs of up to 15cm



Designs starting at 15cm


Session Work

per hour / €1200 per day


Are these the set prices for tattoos?

No, but we’d like to give you an idea. The prices above are meant to give you an idea of price ranges. We also do not give price indications in advance, this can only be determined at the appointment after you have discussed the final design and placement with the artist.

Can I be sent the design in advance or stop by to talk about my idea?

No, we do not send the design to you in advance. We do this to protect the artist’s work and because our artists enjoy working with you to complete the design. We book extra time in your tattoo appointment for this so you can discuss all the details with the artist and make any adjustments. For large designs such as sleeves & backpieces, we do book a talk appointment with the artist in advance if necessary.

Is a name "session work"?

No. A price will be made for smaller tattoos. For session work, think sleeves, backpieces, legpieces. Large projects for which multiple appointments are made. These are paid by the hour.

Do I get a discount if I have multiple tattoos done in 1 session?

No, you don’t get a discount, but it is slightly cheaper to get your tattoos done in 1 session. This is because we can use the same materials and so you don’t pay the starting rate again.

I want 3 dots, is that also €75?

Yes, our starting price is €75. This, in fact, covers the cost of the materials used to create your tattoo.

Do I get a touch-up session included in the price?

Contact us within 2 months of getting your tattoo for a free touch-up session if needed. After the 2-month term, you pay the starting rate. For updating finger tattoos, you always pay the starting rate.